La Petite basket | June (kids)


La Petite basket ‘June’  is the smaller version of our ‘Classic 70’s basket’.
We connected old craft with our love for Jane Birkin’s iconic basket of the 70’s into a mini version for your little ones, named after my daughter June Lou.

A unique, handmade and timeless basket made of pure natural materials that comes with two valves.

Designed in Amsterdam, handmade by crafts(wo)man in a small atelier in Belgium.

A dedication to the authentic, were the product tells a story.

It takes two years to plant willow until use, eight hours by hand to develop one petite basket and endless hours & love to design in detail.

Model: La Petite basket ‘June’
Size 30 cm high, 21 cm wide, handle 12 cm high
Wide covers with 2 valves
Color natural willow

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