NEW! La Petite basket | Lou Lou (kids)


our handcrafted ‘La Petite basket ‘Lou Lou’  is the smaller version of our ‘Classic 70’s basket’. A unique basket for the ‘little ones’ to collect finds and make mermories with.

Slolwy made by hand from willow and comes with two valves. This petite basket is a collectors piece to cherish it forever and pass it on to their childeren.

We connected old craft with our love for Jane Birkin’s iconic basket in the 70’s into a mini version for your little ones. Named after two Lou’s; my daughter June Lou & daughter of Jane, Lou Doilon.

Designed in Amsterdam, handmade by craftsman in a small atelier in Belgium.

It takes two years to plant willow until use, eight hours by hand to develop one petite basket and endless hours & love to design in detail.

Model: La Petite basket ‘Lou Lou’
Size 30 cm high, 21 cm wide, handle 12 cm high
Wide covers with 2 valves
Color natural willow

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