The Linen Tote Bag | Rouge


The Linen Tote Bag / Rouge is the perfect travel, beach & weekend bag, made from
ecological Linen of the highest quality and slowly made by hand by Adel from Syria in our Amsterdam atelier.

After working with the linen for years I love to create products with the highest quality leftover linen.

NOVÈMBRE curated 3 colors:  Rouge, Cognac, Désert.

Size:  b 80 x h 45 cm
Fabric: heavy luxurious quality linen
Details: you can wash the linnen after diner on 30 degrees,
laundry hanging, do not tumble dry

‘Linen is made with attention to the product and respect for nature.
Producing the fabric is still a craft.
The Linen Series are created with the wish to diminish waste in the fabric industry.’

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