An idea becomes a design in 2015: the Classic 70’s basket. A story that connects my love for Jane Birkin, Paris and the 70’s with craftsmanship. On a mission to consume slow, I wanted to be transparant, see and feel the making proces by myself. Especially the awareness to slow down, consume slow in this fast fashion industry and to know who makes your product. As a mother of two, there was no change in the world, I would have made products that were made by children or any person working in fabrics under terrible conditions. Instead of that, our products are made by artists in small local ateliers, we generate work under good conditions and fair prices.

After years of research we found our female artist in Belgium. The natural materials are worth waiting, it takes two years to plant willow until us and than she carefully curated the willow, slowly by hand. It takes eight hours by hand to develop one basket in this special old wave technique. Before this whole proces starts, I put endless hours and love to design in detail. I drive km to pick up the baskets by myself, chatting with the maker and stay connected with this beautiful proces.

A dedication to the authentic, were the product tells a story.